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About Tomorrow CD Front Cover

About Tomorrow isn’t a presentation, a lecture, or even a documentary. It’s a 66-minute audio experience shared with more than 20 people who have walked through the pain of grief.

About Tomorrow can be a comforting companion during those early months when the pain of a loss is most intense.

If you want to send something that can actually help people feel better, let me recommend "About Tomorrow."

Jerry Rose, President CASA  


The "About Tomorrow" CD
A unique product from Comfort Music that will touch the lives of the people you serve while building your firm’s reputation for caring.

Many funeral directors say they would like to do a better job cultivating relationships with an effective after-care program, but they don't have the time or the staff.

Comfort Music has a simple program designed to help you connect with families in a way that adds value to the services you provide.

Build present and future business for your firm with About Tomorrow
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