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The "About Tomorrow" CD

Since 1991, Comfort Music has provided fresh vocal and instrumental music for the funeral service profession. But company president, Fred Frank, wanted to do more. He had a vision to produce some kind of practical resource that would offer consolation and hope to hurting families.

Over several years, the project took shape in collaboration with writer and producer Steve Harris. Steve had discovered what so many people have said: “You can’t understand what grief really feels like until you’ve gone through it yourself.” Having recently lost his wife to cancer, this project was not just part of his job; it was part of his journey toward healing.

Over 20 grieving people (nearly half of them men) were interviewed and included in this project. Their ages, background, and cultures varied. Their circumstances were diverse. Some had lost parents; others lost husbands, wives, or children. Some of the deaths followed protracted illness; others were sudden and unexpected... a routine surgery gone wrong, an accident, a miscarriage... even a murder. Some had healthy relationships with the people they lost; others had complications. Despite the differences, some common themes emerged: Your feelings are normal. There is hope. You will get better.
About Tomorrow
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