Quality Standards


Refreshing renditions of the contemporary and the classics.

The finest quality in both performance and production.

Fidelity and flexibility that allow you to fashion just the right ambiance of comfort and reassurance.

Back in the 1950s and 60s, a state-of-the-art music system for a funeral home consisted of a bulky tape cartridge player and a collection of traditional hymns. The cumbersome playback equipment was expensive to lease and offered little flexibility. But there were no other hi-fidelity alternatives, and families rarely requested anything but traditional music.

During the past several decades, advances in recording technology have redefined the word “fidelity.” Then came the compact disc—a quantum leap in quality that put studio-quality sound into the hands of anyone who can push a button.

During this audio revolution, musical tastes were changing, too. More and more families discovered that the typical funeral home's music library failed to meet their needs. Twenty years ago, family members would often say, “Play the same music we used for Mom's service.” Today, they're searching for a fresher, more up-to-date option.

That option is Comfort Music.

Comfort Music offers you appropriate and sensitively produced instrumental and vocal artistry, and sensitive planning and arranging. The entire Comfort Music library has been digitally recorded, mixed and mastered. Then, it comes to you on compact disc—delivering the highest possible audio quality and infinite flexibility, using simple-to-operate, affordable technology. Music for an entire service can be custom-selected in a matter of moments with the touch of a few buttons.